“I used to be angry and that but now I’m more easy going. You can't be aggressive to a sheep.”

School Data

  • Pupils referred for self-esteem; disengagement and behavioural issues; Six weeks on:
    • 80% reported significant improvement in self-esteem
    • 64% reported significant improvement in engagement
    • 63% reported significant improvement in behaviour
  • 92% pupils not on track in academic subjects before Jamie's Farm; only 54% six weeks on
  • 56% pupils no longer at risk of exclusion

New Philanthropy Capital’s Wellbeing Measure

As well as continuing to demonstrate significant improvement over time of life satisfaction (continued from 2012-13), young people are also reporting an increase in self-esteem and resilience. Resilience then further increases in follow-up survey back in school.

Staff Satisfaction Survey

  • 100% staff agree the visit was of benefit to pupils (82% strongly agree)
  • 100% staff agree the visit was of benefit to staff (75% strongly agree)
  • 100% staff agree they would rebook a visit to Jamie’s Farm (91% strongly agree)