June First visit from Haling Manor School, Croydon – where Jamie was teaching – to Tish’s and Jamie’s home at Sheep House Farm just outside of Bath


July ‘Life Outside Hackney’ traced the story of children visiting from Cardinal Pole Catholic School, Hackney. Jamie is still working for Teach First and organises visits in his spare time.


In these early years, Jamie’s Farm worked with 11 London schools on a part-time basis.

Pigs: 9, Sheep: 25, Cows: 15


March First visits from Manchester and Liverpool schools
December The team sets out to make Jamie’s Farm a national charity, while based out of a horsebox office!


January First trustees’ meeting
May Charity Launch and registration with the Charity Commission!
June Jamie receives ‘Teach First Ambassador of the Year’ award
December Number of Jamie’s Farm visitors: 340.
Pigs: 80, Sheep: 102, Cows: 55


February Purchase of a permanent home for the charity at Hill House Farm in Box, Wiltshire.
March Funding commitment from the Department of Health to renovate the disused barn for the promotion of emotional and well-being of children.
May Learning Outside the Classroom accreditation
September Jamie’s Farm nominated ‘Best New Charity’ in Charity Times


June Barn redevelopment allows us to impact more children per week in an award-winning environment.
July Inaugural Jamie’s Farm Cock and Bull Festival raises £21,000
December Jamie’s Farm has worked with over 800 children.
Pigs: 150, Sheep: 134, Cows: 100


February HRH Duchess of Cornwall visits the Farm and begins an ongoing relationship with the charity
May Long term funding gained from Esmée Fairbairn ensuring long-term viability of charity;
December Jamie’s Farm has worked with over 1300 children
Sheep: 210


July Third annual Cock and Bull Festival raises over £30,000
October Beginning of the consultation exercise with Accenture to set up the business case and project plan for expansion
December Jamie’s Farm has worked with over 1800 children
Pigs: 220, Sheep: 347, Cows: 120


February Jamie’s Farm stars in BBC documentary Tough Young Teachers
July HRH Duchess of Cornwall agrees to be patron
August Contracts exchanged on a beautiful second Farm in Herefordshire
October In partnership with Oasis, Jamie’s Farm to set up an urban community Farm in the heart of London
December Jamie’s Farm has worked with over 2200 children
Sheep: 584


February Jamie's Farm welcomes our first group to the Herefordshire location. Congratulations, Winston Churchill School - you are our pioneers!