Our vision is to support 10% of our target group by 2020 and provide a sustainable and proven solution to the national problem of social and academic exclusion.

Jamie’s Farm works because it provides immense individual care and has a team of outstanding members of staff, with a formidable network of supporters, who enable transformation to occur in a small amount of time. Yet this knowledge does not make us think that expanding our proven model onto pastures new is impossible; rather it compels us to expand so that more vulnerable young people can benefit from it.

Over 30,000 pupils stand to benefit most from our intervention. We believe we can work with up to a tenth of these within five years, over many locations, without losing the special feeling that visitors to Jamie’s Farm – young and old – sense within moments of arriving. That is our ambition, and with your support, we will achieve it.

over 2,000 pupils have lived and worked on our Wiltshire farm, and over 50% are no longer at risk of exclusion. We are now looking to grow.

We have now reached the exciting point in our development where the capacity of our present site cannot match the demand schools have to use our service – despite the considerable investment of £6,000 they have to make to bring a group to the Farm. Consequently, given the scale of the national problem represented by excluded pupils nationwide – and our proven effectiveness at tackling the challenge – we feel that there is a responsibility on us to expand our model to be able to work with many more vulnerable young people. We are setting out a bold expansion plan to make this vision a reality.

Initially, we aim to work in the socially disadvantaged areas of four main urban conurbations: London; Birmingham; Liverpool-Manchester; and Bristol. Based on the most recent data from the DfE, we have calculated our target group to stand at approximately 30,500 vulnerable, urban pupils. To reach our aim of 10% of this number by 2020, we will consequently aim to support 3,000 young people by this point.


This is our exciting vision. However, we will never expand at a pace that will compromise our quality. Jamie's Farm is a special place; we will grow organically and nurture key qualities so that every child who lives and works with us in the future gains the same outcomes, the same lifelong memories, as children have done to date.