At Jamie’s Farm we are committed to re-engaging disadvantaged young people with education. One of our organisational goals is to share our approach in doing this so that more young people can benefit, even those who haven’t visited one of our farms. Through this blog we hope to share thought provoking insight whilst providing guidance for those working with young people, who like us, want them to become the best version of themselves.

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  • Family at Jamie’s Farm – supporters and corporate sponsors

    Posted 9th January 2017

    I stumbled upon my old marketing study notes recently, and emblazoned across the top of a page were the words ‘STAKEHOLDER – a person or body with interest or concern in an organisation’. It got me thinking about Jamie’s Farm stakeholders, or something we more affectionately call family. As someone still relatively new to the charity I have been amazed at this deep sense of family... Read on...

  • What’s it really like to volunteer at Jamie’s Farm?

    Posted 19th December 2016

    As well as long term volunteers, Jamie’s Farm recruit week long residential volunteers to help support the staff and be an extra pair of hands during the week. The role is varied and includes everything and anything, whether that be jumping up to do the washing up after the big group meals, motivating students in their work around the farm or taking photos to help document the week. After reading the volunteer specification and submitting my application, I was really happy to be accepted and assigned to volunteer for a week mid-June. Read on...

  • “Can I ride it?” Therapeutic work with the horses at Jamie’s Farm

    Posted 21st November 2016

    There’s something that sets the horses apart from the other farm animals: most children will have an idea about them but few will have had contact with them. We have the imagery of horses as part of our world from very young: the cowboy’s invaluable colleague, our comrades fighting in wars, the mighty heroes of history sat proudly on their backs on statues and paintings, young girls’ story books, the Lloyds black stallion on TV, even the ‘dancing horses’ in the Olympics. It is unsurprising that the first question we get asked is: ‘Can I ride it?’ Read on...

  • Growing Confidence and Carrots on a City Farm

    Posted 1st November 2016

    “It smells of poo, sir!” exclaims a new arrival, her school jumper clamped firmly to her nose. “Do you live here sir, with the pigs?” another will usually enquire. Groups of students visiting our small city farm in Waterloo turn up excited – shooting out of the minibus and bouncing off the five-bar gates. Read on...

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