Jamie's Farm Poem

Posted 5th June 2015

Welcome to a farm where you can find fun and freedom
embrace it with open arms for it’s a place where life is teaming

Arrive with your friends, but rest assured as you’re leaving
you’ll find you have acquired more, the type that you can lean on

For conversation flows from big breakfasts until walks in the evening
so it’s really not a wonder that you’ll find your time here healing

Our kitchen is constant use, constant cooking, and constant cleaning
but if you’re looking for quiet and calm then come help with a little weeding

There is always much to do; there are animals in need of feeding
there is wood in need of splitting, and veg in need of peeling

Everything you do helps to create this feeling
of harmony and happiness, our smiles are always beaming

This is giving, this is receiving, this is relaxing, this is achieving
this is just being yourself, we truly think you’ll find it pleasing

At times you’ll need reminding that indeed you are not dreaming
for this is real, this is genuine; this is an experience full of meaning

So please come and stay if to you this sounds appealing
for here at Jamie’s farm both fun and freedom are things you can believe in

by Rob Carnie