Continual Professional Development

At Jamie’s Farm, we want each young person who comes to us to become the best that they can be, to function well in school and at home. No child is born bad, and given the right conditions, every child can begin to become positive, contributing members of any community.

We help to do this by promoting the following in all the time that we spend with the young person at Jamie’s Farm and our continued relationship with them:

  • providing structure and boundaries
  • maintaining high expectations
  • providing empathy, not advice
  • promoting emotional honesty
  • building a culture of positivity and success


'I think the staff at Jamie’s Farm have incredibly valuable skills of conflict resolution that many of our staff would benefit from. She has a way of framing what she says so that – even when she is essentially telling a child off – the child feels responsible for their actions and is made to realise the importance of their own actions and consequences without any huge external pressure iterating it for them. It is, of course, more than just the way she words the sentence – her whole demeanour and tone exerts a very calming, yet authoritative influence over groups and I believe there is a lot to be learnt from this.'

Teacher, Islington Arts and Media School

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Tish is the Lead Therapist at Jamie's Farm, with over 30 years’ experience of working with children in schools, residential settings, clinical settings and the community. She passionately believes that given a positive, systemic shift, children can discover new behaviours and interactions that lead to significant gains in their self image, awareness, responsibility and motivation. In this series of Podcasts, titled 'Thoughts Shared about Working with Young People', Tish offers insights into how to handle everyday situations when working with vulnerable children.

Over the course of a visit, the young person is given the chance to reflect on their behaviour and its impact on themselves and others. We encourage them to open up about the supposed cause of their behaviour and then, we help them find appropriate strategies to deal with each cause, which in turn should see a positive change in behaviour.

Our years of experience at Jamie’s Farm as shown that self-awareness is critical to a young person’s journey. By helping them to identify the cause of their behaviour, we give them the chance to think more positively about their ambitions and help show them that their aspirations are achievable.

All tasks at Jamie’s Farm are developed to facilitate our therapeutic approach. Tish Feilden is a UKCP registered humanistic and integrative psychotherapist. She has been primarily responsible in the development of the Jamie’s Farm methodology, and is now tasked with ensuring that all further locations maintain the same values and approach.