Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium funding is a direct fund set up to give schools the opportunity to support their disadvantaged pupils to achieve their potential, with the eventual aim of closing the achievement gap between poorer pupils and their more privileged peers. Many of our partner schools choose to use their Pupil Premium to give specific youngsters the chance to benefit from the Jamie’s Farm experience.

Expert guidance recognises the importance of analysing the underlying causes why disadvantaged pupils are not attaining as highly as others. These barriers to learning can frequently be concerned with the lack of opportunities outside of the classroom that pupils have had. Without these experiences, they have not had the chance to develop the personal qualities that enable them to raise their aspirations and to strive to achieve to their full potential. We believe Jamie’s Farm offers a unique and profound approach to giving pupils these experiences, and supporting them and their teachers back in school so that the full impact of this approach can be realised. By building up their resilience, self-discipline and self-esteem, pupils are granted the building blocks to achieving, not only in their academic careers, but in their lives beyond.

Jamie’s Farm is committed to work in partnership with schools to ensure that the proportion of their Pupil Premium they invest in us is personalised, with every programme designed to give each pupil the greatest impact. Over the last two years, we have maintained a 95% rebooking rate, indicating that almost every school recognises the value of our work. It is this high demand for our service that has driven us to expand our provision so more vulnerable young people can benefit from our provision.

© Sir John Dunford, the Pupil Premium Champion (Teaching Leaders Quarterly, Spring, 2014)

David Laws MP, Minister for Schools, on a visit to Jamie’s Farm in October, 2014

“Jamie’s Farm is an excellent example of the kind of provision that schools now have better access to. Visiting the farm I have seen first-hand the impact it can have on the young people involved, allowing them to develop their skills and confidence, and encouraging them to achieve their full potential.”

David Laws MP, Minister of State for Schools