The Summer Give

All donations now being doubled until Friday 19th May

The Big Give is back, and once again we have the opportunity to double your generous donations. We aim to raise the £24,000 needed to welcome families in need to the farm this summer. We already have £12,000 generously pledged by The Childhood Trust and a private family trust. To unlock these funds we need to raise the remaining £12,000 this week - this means any gifts made from now until12pm this Friday will be doubled.

All the funds generated this week will go to our 'Thriving Families' project - directly paying for families, who face such severe difficulties that they require extra help from support services - to come to the farm, together, this August. Some of the challenges they face include child protection issues, children on the edge of care, enduring mental health problems and being involved in the criminal justice system. These issues have the biggest impact on children, who then struggle to thrive socially and in education, affecting their futures. Our pilot work with families last August revealed that if whole families can experience our mix of ‘Farming, Family and Therapy’ together, we can help the support network around vulnerable children, as well as the children themselves, to thrive. A week’s residential at Jamie's Farm has proven to equip families to leave stronger, and better able to communicate and support each other, leading to greater stability at home.

"We know each other better" "It was good to see how families can be"

- responses from 2016

Taking place in the summer holidays allows the family to escape normal life and make changes ahead of a new academic year together. As with a school group, we will continue to support the families and their support services after their visit too. One family from last year is on the way to having their child protection plan removed, and children are back in mainstream schooling. There is a waiting list of families known to us via their support services who would like to come. Now we have the chance to make it happen!

We receive a proportion of the £12,000 matched funds equivalent to what we can raise this week. Please will you help us raise the remaining £12,000?

Doubling starts now and ends on Friday 19th May at 12pm. Donations need to be made online with a debit or credit card, and can be from £5 to £5,000.

Thank you

Five families took part in our pilot project in August 2016. Read about the impact here and why we want to extend this offering to more families.